Due to market developments, Smart Locker hardware and software is continually expanding. Kern has developed three new systems that offer users even more convenient solutions.

Drop-Off Locker

The online purchasing process also includes returns. More and more e-commerce businesses are working to make this easier. In response to this, Kern's Drop-Off Locker is straightforward to use. The return process is simplified with barcode reading. Fast, easy and secure. This solution is ideal for the logistics market. 

Powerless Locker

Commitment to the environment is important to Kern. Proof of this is our constant effort to develop devices with the lowest possible environmental impact. This is where the Powerless Locker comes in: without an Internet connection and with optimised power supply management. Compatible with Kern City, Home and Flexi lockers. A great solution for Airbnb, car rental companies and sharing communities. 

Key Locker

The safest way to store your keys. The Key Locker can hold up to 64 different keys. Each of the boxes is linked to a code that, when displayed in the reader, activates the locker mechanism and positions the keys in front of the door which opens automatically. A solution for key management in hotels, guesthouses, car rentals and holiday parks.