Smart Lockers

24/7 Secure Package Storage and Delivery

24/7 Smart Lockers are parcel, package and goods delivery lockers controlled by intelligent software and managed via the Internet.


    Kern Smart Lockers

    Modular, non-refrigerated or refrigerated lockers can be customised extensively to suit your business needs. An ergonomically-designed user interface ensures secure operation and guarantees that only the intended recipient can access the stored goods.

    24/7 Smart Locker terminals perfectly match the boom in online commerce. With a 24/7 Smart Locker, deliveries can even be made when the customers are not at home. Access is security controlled and round the clock in convenient secure locations

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    This unique combination of product types and flexible software ensures our lockers can be used for any requirement in sectors including: Residential Property; Office or Workplace; Parcel Collection Points; Field Service; Retail; Car Parks/Travel Hubs; Leisure Facilities delivery of medicine or food.

    Features & Benefits

    1Simple 24/7 pickups and deliveries
    Pick up or return parcels at any time. Intelligent automated logistics systems for end users enable simple round the-clock service guaranteeing the greatest possible efficiency for customers and suppliers. This modern logistics solution consists of a locker with complete operation software making parcel tracking easy.
    2Flexible solutions for all businesses
    This last-mile logistics solution is suitable for nearly all areas and industries. Thanks to 24/7 Smart Lockers, sales can be expanded and made available around the clock, which allows customers to be independent, collecting when they want. The opportunity is new competitive advantages for companies on the cutting edge.
    3Easy to use
    24/7 Smart Terminals are designed to fulfil practical requirements. Here is how it works:
    • The customer places an order online. The sender agrees with the recipient that their shipment can be picked up at a particular parcel locker location.
    • The supplier places the parcel intended for the recipient in a 24/7 Smart Locker.
    • The system then informs the recipient via SMS, e-mail or push notification and sends them the security code.
    • The recipient picks up the parcel. Then the 24/7 Smart Locker informs the sender that delivery has been made.

    Smart Locker Solutions


    Smart Locker Systems

    The product range includes models for use indoors and outdoors, as well as for a wide variety of applications with special requirements. All locker models feature robust construction and security against unauthorised access.

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    Smart Locker Software

    This modern logistics solution incorporates a terminal with all software and information for parcel tracking. Can be used with smartphones and offers a secure and convenient pickup and delivery smart locker solution.

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    Smart Locker Showroom

    Fully functional systems - pay us a visit to test the application.

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    Smart Locker References

    Companies using the 24/7 Smart Lockers successfully.

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    Goods Delivery In The Era Of Mobility

    This last-mile logistics solution is suitable for nearly all areas and industries. These 24/7 Smart Lockers are designed to fulfil practical requirements. So what are you waiting for!

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    Discover Our Range Of Smart Locker Systems

    Smart locker models for all applications. The locker range includes models for indoor and outdoor use, as well as for business-specific requirements. All models distinguish themselves with their robust construction and secure protection against unauthorised access

    City Locker

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    Home Locker

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    Flexi Locker

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    Lean Locker

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    Frigi Locker

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    ID Locker

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    BLE Locker

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    Unique Lockers

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      Smart Locker Software

      Goods delivery in the era of mobility: The software forms the heart of every locker. This intelligent control system ensures that the locker is always ready for use, that all processes from dispatch to collection of the parcels by the customer function flawlessly. The Kern Group offers versatile and flexible software variants for every need.

      Kern Smart lockers software technology provides a global and modern solution for multiple kinds of business and end user ecosystems or business applications, like e-commerce players, retailers, banks, industries, logistic companies or local shops.

      To address all types of technical or application requirements, Kern provide a large software solutions portfolio based on an open, scalable and flexible technology package which allows our solution to adapt to changing business dynamics and requirements across industries. Kern Smart locker Software is based on a large modular portfolio of com- ponents and package solutions that help us to cover all requirements in terms of workflow process, security, and compliance to suit rapidly changing customer environments.

      Advantages Software features

    • Saas, On premise or stand alone architectures
    • Hardware agnostic (compatible with all Kern Smart lockers)
    • Traceability engine and advanced research
    • Reporting & BI modules
    • Global notifications ( mail, push messages, sms)
    • API driven and seamless integration
    • Full back end and operations platform
    • User-friendly interfaces
    • Optimize Parcel Delivery For:

    • Offices, Universities,
    • Retail, Online Shops or food industry
    • Logistics-/delivery services
    • Residential buildings
    • Residential buildings
    • Others
    • Smart Easy

      Smart Easy is a turnkey software for handling parcels delivery management in closed user groups

      Smart Tracking

      Smart Tracking is a global solution that allows you to streamline and optimize the distribution of your incoming business sensitive objects.

      Smart Bopis

      Smart Bopis is a complete toolbox for a variety of Bopis-centric applications.

      Smart Pudo

      Smart Pudo is an open architecture that contains a large number of functions for building a complete personalized delivery logistics network.

      Smart Locker Showroom

      We have set up a showroom for the 24/7 Smart lockers at the Kern headquarters in Bensheim. All locker variants (Home, City, Refrigerator and Freezer as well as the identification locker with the City of Ludwigsburg application) can be viewed there.


      Cities and municipalities are increasingly relying on Kern smart lockers. ID card lockers provide citizens with ID cards and passports around the clock. Secure collection by fingerprint and PIN.


      Within a company, Kern Smart lockers are installed to optimise internal document management. Employees collect their daily mail in a Smart locker.

      Courier Services

      Courier services are able to deposit parcels and documents securely for the customer in smart lockers. There are no unnecessary drives, because the delivery attempt works the first time.


      Train stations, underground stations, airports. Customers can have goods delivered to where they are, e.g. on the way to work, or deliveries can be collected from the locker at the airport on the return flight.


      Online trade is booming, modern and mobile consumers increasingly want to shop around the clock. Smart retailers right up to large-scale distributors offer corresponding solutions that can be realised particularly intelligently with standard or refrigerated 24/7 smart lockers.

      Service Provider

      Courier companies and other service providers can use these lockers to deposit goods for their end customers. The lockers (compartment sizes) and software can be tailored to the companies' needs.